Bilton Parish Council


Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch Group have been operating for over 25 years, safeguarding the security of the residents of the Bilton, Wyton & Ganstead areas.   Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month at St Peters Church Hall starting at 7.30pm.   We currently hold joint meetings with the Police Surgery, attended by the PCSO.

The role of the group is to act as a link between local residents and the Police, disseminating information from the Police when required.  We are currently seeking to link the group via twitter to help communication with the public.


List of Co-ordinators


Anne & Dave Burdall                     811418                  Ken Grant                           814339

Simon Cocklin                                  814692                  Rod Hollis                            814866

Bob Colthorne                                 813927                  Bernard Hutchinson         814143

Christine Crawforth                        812626                  Steve Little                        812602

Steve Dale(Chair)                          812750                  Bob Longstaff                    811825

John Freer                                         813940                  Sue Mills                               815103

Geoff Gilby                                       812213                  Robin Richardson             814818

Jean Gilliat(Secretary)                 814550                  Billie Rhodes                      814824

Steve Tennyson                               815382


We are currently seeking a volunteer to cover the Ganstead West Area of the group, and if anyone would like further information then please feel free to contact me, Steve Dale, Chair on 01482 812750, if we do not get a nomination then the area will be uncovered and will lose the status of a neighbourhood watch area, which may affect residents home insurance premiums.


.Please find below Crime Reports for Bilton Parish


January  /Data/Sites/4/media/policeinformation/01jan13.pdf

February /Data/Sites/4/media/policeinformation/02feb13.pdf

March /Data/Sites/4/media/policeinformation/crimereportmarch2013.pdf

April /Data/Sites/4/media/policeinformation/04apr13.pdf

May /Data/Sites/4/media/05may13.pdf

June /Data/Sites/4/media/policeinformation/06jun13.pdf

August /Data/Sites/4/media/biltonneighbourhoodwatch/08aug13.pdf

September /Data/Sites/4/media/biltonneighbourhoodwatch/09sep13.pdf

October  /Data/Sites/4/media/policeinformation/10oct13.pdf

November  /Data/Sites/4/media/crimereportnovember.pdf

December  /Data/Sites/4/media/12dec13rev.pdf


Police Surgery at St Peters Church Hall